Wildways Adventures Halpin Family

Have you ever looked closely at a butterfly’s wings; watched a woodlouse curling into a ball; stood still and listened to the birds singing; followed a bumble bee as it travelled from flower to flower or waited for the first leaves to appear on a tree in springtime?

Wildways Adventures is a family business set-up by Una and Trevor Halpin with the aim of encouraging families to spend time together exploring nature and heritage in a relaxed and fun way. Between websites, social networking and computer games, many of us spend so much time in the virtual world that we forget that there is a fascinating natural world right outside our doors.

Our aim is not only to get families outdoors but to encourage them to engage with their surroundings and to learn to appreciate the variety and diversity of nature as well as our history and heritage and all the elements that make up the world we live in.  For parents looking for something to do with your kids we give you the chance to learn and explore along with them so you can all have fun together.

Whether you have never taken a walk in the woods or you spend lots of time outdoors, but would like to learn more about what’s around you, we would love you to come and join us.