We run a wide range of family trails to give families an opportunity to get active and spend time together outdoors.
Trails in Carlow Oak Park

Nature Trails

Our nature trails are designed to encourage exploration of the wonders of nature in our woodlands and walkways throughout the seasons.

Rather than leading families around pathways pointing out things, we prefer to guide you towards exploring and discovering the wonders of nature for yourselves. Our trail sheets have photographs of some of the leaves, berries, birds or wild flowers you should encounter on your way along with questions and puzzles to encourage your whole family to interact with the world around you.

At present, most of our nature trails are run in Oak Park, Carlow but we hope to expand our range of locations in the future.


Themed Trails

Our treasure hunt style themed trails are run outdoors but the themes are not always nature based.

Families can follow the clues laid out around an outdoor trail and complete the questions and puzzles on the trail sheet.

We take our inspiration from fairy tales, songs, stories and seasonal events such as Christmas, Easter Halloween and even Valentines Day.

At present, most of our themed trails are run in Duckett’s Grove, Carlow but we hope to expand our range of locations in the future.