When making family bookings, a family constitutes a group of up to 6 people with at least one adult (over 18 years). We do not accept any unaccompanied children on activities. For more than 6 people, a second family ticket should be purchased.

Bookings may only be made by adults of 18 years and over.

Adults must take full responsibility for all children in their care.


Wildways Adventures runs outdoor activities at all seasons of the year and weather conditions may not always be favourable. As a rule most activities will go ahead despite the weather, so please ensure that you are adequately prepared. If you choose not to come because of poor weather, please refer to our cancellations policy below.

In some cases, such as high winds, it may be necessary for us to cancel an activity for health and safety reasons. Please see our cancellations policy below.

Cancellations Policy

We accept cancellations up to two hours before an event by phone or e-mail. In this case, the fee paid can be used for another activity on a different date. Please contact us to transfer your booking.

Refunds will only be given if a cancellation is made at least 24 hours in advance. Refunds will be 90% of the fee paid to allow for administration and booking fees.

No refund or exchange will be due unless a cancellation has been made.

In the event that the activity is cancelled by Wildways Adventures a full exchange or refund will be offered.

Activity Times

Times of each activity will be stated on the website. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you arrive on time.

Trails: For trails, there will be a specified registration period of at least one hour e.g. “Register between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm to start the trail”. You can arrive and start the trail at any time during this registration period.

Workshops: For workshops, there will be a definite starting time e.g. 10:00 am. Please ensure that you are there before the start time as workshops will begin at the specified time. In some cases, latecomers can simply join in the workshop when they arrive but this may not always be possible. In cases where a walk is involved, it may be difficult to find us.

Events: For events, timings will vary depending on the nature of the event but in all cases it will be specified what time you need to be there.

No refund or exchange will be offered to participants who miss all or part of an activity due to late arrival.

Health and Safety Guidelines

This is an outdoor event. Participants should wear shoes or boots suitable for outdoor walking, and clothing suitable for changeable weather.

Parents or guardian need to be aware of weather conditions and take appropriate care. For summer activities, parents/guardians should ensure that they and the children in their care are adequately protected from the sun to prevent the risk of sunburn, sunstroke etc. and carry adequate water with them. For colder weather, appropriate warm clothing and footwear should be worn. We recommend raingear for all seasons.

Most of our activities take place in natural environments. The ground may be uneven in places and there may be branches at eye level, especially if you leave the path. Please take appropriate care.

Our activities do not necessitate any climbing of fences, trees etc. Any participants engaged in climbing or any potentially risky behaviours do so at their own risk.

Contact with insects and plants such as nettles may result in bites, stings or skin irritations. Please take appropriate precautions. Anyone who has been prescribed treatment for specific allergies or medical conditions should ensure that they carry it with them.

Parents or guardians should remain with their children at all times and ensure that they are properly supervised. Wildways Adventures will not take responsibility for any accidents caused by the failure of parents or guardians to properly supervise children or the failure of anybody to follow the health and safety guidelines above.


All participants must obey any site rules or signage e.g. “Do Not Enter” signs. You should also take note of directional arrows and/or maps where present on site or where a route is specified on your trail sheet.

Clothing and Belongings

Please ensure that you and all of your group wear appropriate clothing for outdoor activities in changeable weather and that you take adequate care of your belongings. Please be aware that paths etc. may be muddy. Wildways Adventures will not take responsibility for any damage to footwear or clothing sustained during our activities or for any belongings carried with you or left in cars or elsewhere on site during an activity.

This document was last updated on March 5th 2013.